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Why a WWW page?

I recently returned to school to study cognitive science. I actually obtained a DEA de sciences cognitives at INPG in Grenoble.

My thesis was about Genetic Programming applied to robot control. I thought it could be of interest to write some web pages in french about GP to explain what genetic programming is, and give some links to GP web pages.

The thesis contains a short review of GP and evolutionary robotics. Unfortunately, it is written is in french but you can download it anyway - There are some pictures in it. You may choose to download either the zipped or the stuffited version of the postscript document.

I also wrote some applets in order to practice the courses : a Turing machine, a neural network, a stereogram generator etc... Well if you are interested you can look to these applets but beware : explanations are in french (there are so many good pages in english already).

see the emergence of a sorting behaviour in an ant colony

Try to see an on line built stereogram.

Some personnal links

If you like Nirvana, Warcraft II,... Visit Nicolas' home page (alias Nikil).

If you or your children would like to practice the arts of circus near Grenoble with nice people, give an eye to à la Découverte du Cirque.

I am expecting your comments.
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